Short Stories, Poems and Life

Cocktail Party


I met her at a cocktail party; she was smiling across the room.

Before I knew what happened she was the bride, I was the groom.

It was the happiest day in my life and I thanked the Lord above.

For bringing her to me and letting me fall in love.

At the reception she got drunk, the marriage came to an end

She fell down, got up and ran off with an old boyfriend.

I turned to the preacher and said I guess we are through

He said you should have thought of that before you said, “I do”

I never did hear from her, and then one day I got a call

From a man who was a lawyer and said his name was Paul

He said you know why I’m calling and I said; “Of course”

Paul was her Attorney and she filed for a divorce.

Paul said he had some papers that I’d need to sign

So I went over to his office on Hollywood and Vine

I signed so many papers and Paul told me then

She got everything I had; I got to keep the pen

The moral of the story is and let me tell you Smarty

Never marry a woman you met at a cocktail party

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