Short Stories, Poems and Life

Have a Nice Day?

Have a nice day?

My day started off bright and sunny

I bumped into this man I owe money

Couldn’t pay he got mad

He beat me up bad

Said “Have a nice day” heck that’s funny

I decided I’d go into work

First thing called my boss a jerk

With my clowning he said he was tired

Go pick up your pay and “Have a nice day”

By a quarter to eight I was fired

My shirt from the fight was all torn

My jeans saw better days and were worn

My alligator boots were all muddy

And when I lost my job

She ran off with Bob

My best friend and good fishin’ buddy

She did leave a note. Heck of a quote

What did it say? “Have a nice day”

“Have a nice day” what a joke

I’m down on my luck

They repo’d my truck

My horse died today

The dog ran away

But other than that, “I had a nice day”