Short Stories, Poems and Life

My Unclaimed Money Experience

I went online to the unclaimed money website and found out my wife Peggy had $25 from when she had overpaid a company years ago. So she filled out all the paperwork and a week later she received a check for the $25.

This made me want to dig a little deeper and I found where I owned 15,000 shares in a company called Alpha International. I was so excited, I knew this had to be a lot of money.

So I filled out the paperwork and checked up on my claim weekly to only get the same message, “we are reviewing your claim”.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, the email came and said my check would arrive within the next 5 to 10 business days. Every time the mailman came I ran out anxiously checking to see if it came all while dreaming of what I would do with the money!

Well, it finally came. I was too nervous to open it. I just knew it had to be enough to give 10% to my church, pay off my credit card and maybe take a small trip.

So after all these months of waiting I opened the envelope and there it and there is was, my big check of $2.33! That’s right $2.33! I just stood there looking down at the check in disbelief.

$2.33! Are you kidding me? What I can’t believe is that the state of Texas would spend all that time and resources on project to help people find unclaimed money with a pay out of $2.33.

Well this sure did burst my bubble.

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