Short Stories, Poems and Life


Someone told me about Birmingham

Hope it wasn’t just another scam

So, I headed out one day

And I was on my way

To go see Birmingham

I wasn’t sure where it was at

Then I got a flat

Never got to Birmingham

I was told its real pretty

A fun filled City

Called Birmingham

Don’t ask me why

I gave it one more try

To go see Birmingham

Got as far as the pass

Ran out of gas

Never got to see Birmingham

Bad trip what a pity

Didn’t get to that City

Called Birmingham

I started off again

Lighting, Thunder and Rain

To go see Birmingham

As I started down this hill

Extra speed gave me a trill

As I headed off to Birmingham

Then I saw the flashing light

Smokey had me in his sight

He got me before I got to Birmingham

What happened wasn’t funny

The fine took all my money

I never got to see Birmingham

Thanks for listening to my ditty

Maybe I’ll get to see that City

One day I’ll get to Birmingham

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