Short Stories, Poems and Life

The Nothings

Nothings are people with expressionless faces

Who think it’s smart to be bored in the finest of places

Their favorite game but don’t ask me why

It to look straight at you and pass you right by

With neither a nod nor a feeble hello

Nothings are strange in the way that they go

Nothings are constantly coiled to take

Anything at all and just for the sake

But don’t expect them ever to give

One copper clad coin not as long as they live

As for lending a hand they never have time

For such foolish nonsense, thumbs down, decline

Nothings are too selfish to take a husband or wife

They see only the gloom and sadness in life

With never a single kind thought in their head

They think they’re alive, but they’re already dead

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