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Time Is A Great Healer

Time is a great healer

I was 18 years old when the Korean War was happening. It was almost impossible to find a job because employers were afraid to hire and train men thinking they would most likely end up drafted. So, instead of waiting to be called up, many young boys went ahead and voluntarily enlisted.

A good friend of mine, Bill, did just this, he joined the Army. However he was killed not in battle but in a car crash on his way back to the Army base.

I remember being in shock when I found out this tragic news. My mind could not process that he was actually gone until I went to the funeral home and saw his body lying in the coffin. I just could not understand why God would take my friend Bill at such a young age.

Bill’s parents were very religious and seemed to accept that this was Gods will for their son’s life. However, at the time, I was not so accepting. I remember running as fast as I could to the closest church, tears streaming down my face. I ran into the church, found a pew, got down on my knees, and began to pray.

At the funeral, Bills dad shared with me, “always remember time is a great healer”. He was correct and with time, I began to heal.

Life went on and I married. My wife and I desperately wanted to start a family; however, we suffered the loss of many miscarriages. Each pregnancy would last a little longer, only to leave us heartbroken once again. We tried again and finally thought this pregnancy would go full term, which it did. However, tragedy struck us once again. Our baby was a stillborn. I held on to the words spoken to me that “time is a great healer”.

We did have our family and found some joy, we adopted a beautiful baby girl then fourteen months later, we adopted a sweet baby boy. Just a few years later, my wife found out she was pregnant, then nine months later gave birth to a healthy baby boy. He had everything right, all five fingers and toes, blue eyes and a full head of dark hair. We had our family and found our joy. However, tragedy came again, and a few years later, my wife became sick. She died leaving me a widower with the three children we so desperately wanted. It was a dark time, but I always held on to those words, still hearing Bills dad telling me “Time is a great healer”

Then a tragedy so hurtful struck, my eldest son, tragically killed, his life taken from him too young. It has only been a few years, so I continue to hold on to those precious words spoken to me many years ago. However, this time the healing seems to be lingering on. Maybe not enough time has passed. Maybe this time healing will not begin until I am home with our great healer, our great Lord.

I have been struck with many tragedies in my life; however, whatever lies ahead, I will keep holding and remember, “Time Is a Great Healer”