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On Getting Old

On Getting Old

Let me start before my story with some advice to those getting on in years and those thinking about retiring. Based on my past job experiences, and of my past coworkers who had made their jobs their entire life, after retiring they didn’t hang around long.

However those of us who had interest outside of work like fishing, hunting, gardening, writings, music, etc, once retired enjoyed a much longer life.

So my advice here is if you are one of those who is only occupied with your job should better get some other interests, like taking up a hobby, volunteering for a good cause, learning to play an instrument, whatever takes your fancy do it if you want to live longer.

Okay, so here’s my short story. In a few months I’ll be 85 years old. If I had any idea, I’d live this long I would have taken better care of myself. Over the years I’ve had many interests outside of my job, gardening, music, playing the piano, (I love playing in nursing homes), I love writing poems, stories and songs and I have raised and showed pigeons.

My thoughts here are if you keep busy you don’t have time to die (granted the good Lord will take you home when he’s ready but why help him in the process?). Stay busy, eat right and exercise (get up off that couch and move). This is like preaching to the choir, I watch far too much TV and don’t get the exercise I need.

Recently my wife and I were at Lowe’s for something we needed for the house when she spotted a plant she liked. She wanted it for our backyard. My comment was where will we plant it the yard is full now? She wanted it and I learned over the years if you really want to live longer don’t argue with your wife.

When we got the plant home, we found a spot for it. I got out the pitchfork, shovel and rake then began to dig the home for our new plant. The hardest part was getting through the tough Saint Augustine grass. Once the grass was removed, I began digging the hole. To my surprise the dirt was soft, black which indicated it was good soil. I got the hole large enough for the plant, removed it from the container, put it in the hole, then started to put the dirt around it. To be sure it was completely filled, I got down on my hands and knees placing the dirt all around the plant.

When that was done, I tried to get up, but I couldn’t get my legs under me and flopped around like a fish out of water. My wife supervising the job was laughing her head off at my current situation. She said “Use the shovel for leverage and you’ll get up”. I tried it but It didn’t work. She then said, “Do you want me to call 911?” She thinks she funny, a true smart “a”, but It wasn’t funny. She then said while giggling “What do you want for dinner and I’ll bring it out to you? Another smart remark, but in her defense, she learned it from the me, we actually do have fun and laughter is another thing that keeps us going.

I crawled about ten feet to the brick wall and using the wall for support I got up. My wife ran off knowing I still had the shovel and pitchfork. Smart girl.

In closing keep busy, stay active and if this happens to you while plant something, you will not end up flopping around like a fish out of water trying to get back on your feet!

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