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Santa Has Shoes Like My Papa

My daughter sent me this picture and suggested I write about the years I played Santa. This might be one of my favorites. My daughter had Christmas parties for the kids each year and asked me if I would dress up as Santa. I have a few stories, but looking at this picture makes me chuckle thinking about how when my Granddaughter, in the plaid dress, whispered in my ear “Santa, my Papa has shoes just like you!”

Stay turned, I have a few more Santa stories to share!

Merry Christmas-Bob

2 thoughts on “Santa Has Shoes Like My Papa

  1. Bob has been married to a favorite best friend of mine and I have followed them in their journey from Houston to Alvin to Spring Hill to Deer Park. One of my favorite crosses he made hangs on my office wall.
    He plays a beautiful piano and sings well.
    Learned today he played Santa.
    Happy New Year Bob🎉 Carole


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