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Today I Turn 85 Years Old!

Wow, it is hard to believe I am 85 years old today! Where did the time go? I do not feel a day older than 84. As I was lying in bed this morning, I could not help but to go through the highlights of my 85-year journey.

Growing up in Brooklyn.

My marriage to my first wife.

The loss of my first son.

My first big promotion.

Moving to San Francisco.

Graduating from Golden Gate University.

Accepted to practice before the Interstate Commerce Commission.

Then the Federal Maritime Commission.

Adopting my daughter.

Adopting my second son.

Moving my family to Pennsylvania.

The birth of my third son.

Buying my dream farm in Upstate NY.

Moving the family to Houston.

Graduating from the University of Tennessee Executive Development Program.

The death of my first wife.

Being a single dad.

Marrying my second wife.

Enjoying my new blended family.

Getting my State of Texas Real Estate Broker’s License.

Retiring and moving to Tennessee to be close to my Grandchildren.

Playing Santa Clause.

Raising Pigeons.

Running for a political position, lost by 35 votes to the incumbent.

President of Spring Hill Senior Citizens.

Recognized by the United States Army for helping send care packages to our Troops.

Getting the State of Tennessee Real Estate Brokers’ license.

My time spent raising money for The Tennessee Children’s Home.

Receiving the National Real Estate Association Award and Martin Luther King Foundation for my community work.

Singing in the church choir for 12 years.

Moving back to Texas.

The unexpected tragic death of my second son.

The loss of my younger brother.

Baptized again.

Playing piano and telling stories to seniors living at assisted living.

Making crosses and wreaths.

Starting a blog.

So what’s next?

How much longer will my journey be? Only God knows this answer, but know I am not ready to stop adding more memories to my journey. I am a blessed man for sure.

This was taken about 10 months ago. Me, My Granddaughter Sara and my wife Peggy

14 thoughts on “Today I Turn 85 Years Old!

  1. Happy Birthday Bob!
    Love you!

    Happy Birthday grandpa Bob, I’m exactly 80 years behind you. So happy we share a Birthday!
    Love you,
    Mia 😘


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