Short Stories, Poems and Life

Wake Up America

About one week ago the virus count in the US was around 14,000. Here it is a week later and the count has tripled to 42,000. Why? Because Americans are not doing their part to contain it. There are far too many Americans who feel,” It doesn’t apply to me” especially the younger ones.

I believe  part of the problem is the media telling us over and over again this will kill your grandparents but won’t effect the younger population. While statistics may support this, you younger folks can still get it. How are you going to feel if you catch the virus then spread to your parents or grandparents, then one dies?

It is sad that too many of you are not listening to our President. You continue to flock in groups more than ten and still not keeping within six feet of others. I just saw on TV, people lined up to be tested however not separated by six feet. Keep your distance please!

The Government has requested only get tested if you feel you have the symptoms since testing supplies are low. I’ll bet most of those in that line are panicking and do not have symptoms. Don’t they understand they run the risk of actually catching the virus just standing in that line? One state actually had the police break up groups of ten.

I myself am one of those in highest vulnerable group. This is why I am following the 15 day guidelines my President requested us to do. I will stay at home to prevent further exposure. Can you please do the same?

I know we can beat this, but only if we all band together as a country and do what is required to win this battle. If all of America will do their part, we WILL flatten the curve. We will see the light again and America will prevail.

God Bless America.

© Robert A Evans

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