Short Stories, Poems and Life

The Coronavirus

Like the flower, her name was Iris

She thought she caught the virus

Not sure it was true

It could be the flu

Self-quarantined to not pass it by us

A Construction worker named Ned

I don’t care if I get it, he said

He did everything wrong

He didn’t last long

Enough said, poor Ned, he’s dead

A Postman, his name is Dan

Accepted the Presidents’ plan

Did everything he should

All that he could

The virus by-passed this man

A Nurse, her name was Sincere

The problem, no protective gear

A mother and wife

She gave her life

A Hero but no longer here

A Journalist, her name is Gill

With the virus she became ill

Her journey was rough

She was young and tough

She beat it thanks to Gods’ will

© Robert A Evans

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