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President Donald J. Trump

Many people do not like President Trump. Some because he is crude. Some because he is rude. Some do not like his rhetoric. Others dislike the way he viciously attacks anyone who crosses him. Others do not like him for other various reasons. Maybe after you read this you will see Donald J. Trump in a different light?

Folks who are born and raised in the Heartland and Prairie states grow up believing in the Golden Rule. They also do not believe in An Eye for an Eye. That is great and these are good people.

Now let us switch to the opposite end of the country, to New York City.

President Trump was born and raised in New York City (in the borough of Queens) I was born and raised in New Your City (in the borough of Brooklyn). Folks born and raised in New York City are a different breed of cat. Especially if you were a “Street Kid”.

A “Street Kid” is a kid that spent most of histime surviving the street. The fist law of the street is, if someone steps on your toes you must kick him where it hurts the most. The logic behind this is unless you fight back and hurt your opponent harder than he hurt you he will try to get to you a second time.

If you do not fight back every bully or tough kid will see you as weak, an easy target, then will taunt you, harass you, hurt you and humiliate you in every way imaginable. You find out real fast a punch in the face hurts for a little time, but some humiliations hurt for a lifetime. You have no other choice but to fight back.

So, the next time President Trump does something you do not like, cut him some slack, be a little more tolerant, a little more understanding, a little more forgiving, after all he is just being Trump a product of the street and willing to fight like a cat for our country.

© Robert A Evans

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