Short Stories, Poems and Life

Then and Now- Part Two

I was watching TV this morning and saw people wearing what the kids today consider “designer jeans”. You know the ones, they purposelessly have rips and tears, look like they are 100 years old.

I couldn’t help to think how dumb it is for people to pay a fortune for jeans that look like they used.

As a kid back in 1946, I actually wore “designer jeans”. However there was nothing designer about them! My jeans had holes that had to be earned, some were earned by more than one wearer.

My “designer jeans” were passed down from a cousin that outgrew them. They were so ugly, I would be so embarrassed especially if they were patched with material of a different color.

Funny, now that I think of it, my shows had holes too. I actually put cardboard in them to cover the holes. Eventually the holes got bigger and bigger to the point the shoes fell apart. I wonder if this is considers designer today?

Well, that was then. Today there are no holes in either my jeans or shoes, but, oh how I long for those days.

© Robert A Evans

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