Short Stories, Poems and Life

Just Another Day

I could not sleep last night, not sure why? After tossing and turning all night long, as soon as I saw the sun, I jumped out of bed to make coffee. 

Still trying to wake up, sitting at the kitchen table, staring out onto the patio, I noticed the most beautiful brilliant red cardinal I have ever seen. I just sat there in awe admiring God’s beautiful creature.

As I sat there watching this bird dance across the table, I began to wonder if this bird recognized how much I was admiring it? I started to think of all the beauty in this world we miss each day because of how busy we all are. If only we would could find the time to stop and see all of this world’s beauty.

All of a sudden, the beautiful red cardinal flew off. However I just sat there staring at the empty patio table thinking today is just another day, another day towards the end.

© Robert A Evans