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The Man In The Mirror

The Man in the Mirror

When I shave in the morning and look in my mirror, I ask myself who is that old man looking back at me? Where did the years go? It seems like yesterday I was playing ball, graduating from High School, getting my first job, my first girlfriend, climbing the corporate ladder.

They say time flies; in my case it was on a jet clock. The man in the mirror never smiles. He looks sad. If I think about a funny story or a joke, he never laughs. All the man in the mirror ever does is remind me about my mistakes, bad decisions, lost dreams, poor investments, the wrong path I took at that fork in the road.

He constantly bugs me about the one that got away and how I lost her through stupidity and pride and how my life might have been if she was my soulmate. He never wants to talk about the good things I did, like helping others, fund raising, supporting good causes nor the awards I received from various groups for community involvement.

If he brings up something that really bothers me he never wants to debate it. He’s always right. It’s his way or the highway. He’s is supposed to be my friend but he’s my worst enemy.