Short Stories, Poems and Life

Bad Boy

I blame it on low self esteem

In High School and pregnant at seventeen

At seventeen my hell began

Three kids later I’m still with this man

He can’t hold a job, no ambition and lazy

Why I stay with him, I must be crazy

I’d work but with three kids I’m not able

Bad boy can’t even put food on the table

He has no money and the light bill’s due

But he finds money for a new tattoo

There’s no money and the rent is here

He finds money for cigarettes and beer

I’m sick of his promises that end in lies

Of his one-night stands and DUI’s

His abusive treatment, his barroom brawls

And the late-night sheriffs calls

He’ll look for work he says with assurance

Then he’s stopped for speeding and no insurance

A collection letter came in the mail

He’s not here to read it, he’s in jail

This is what my life is all about

I’m living in hell with no way out

I survive thanks to family and friends

And God only knows how my story ends