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Someone Forget To Tell It?

This is a picture of my yellow Mandevilla that I planted back the Spring of 2017. It is a tropical plant and according to the directions on the label it was seasonal and would die in the fall or at the first sign on cold weather.

Well, look at this beautiful plant now, three years later, coming back strong every year! Someone must of forgot to tell this beautiful Mandevilla plant it supposed to die.

It not only comes back each spring, as you can see it flourishes. I do have to continue trimming the top so it doesn’t grow over to my neighbors’ yard. At one point this plant was growing up the Oak tree behind my fence.

Off to the left you will see a different color flower, which is also a Mandevilla plant, I planted back in 2017.

So, if someone tells you something negative, something you do not want to hear, like a doctor telling you there is nothing else we can do, I hope you will remember my Mandevilla plant.

There is always Hope. The doctors do not know everything, only God does.

© Robert A Evans

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