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How a Kid Earned Money Back in 1946 – Part Three

Back in 1946 we did not have TV, Smart Phones, computers, etc. so we had to find other ways to entertain ourselves. One way was scooter racing. Our scooters were hand made using a 2X4 about three feet long, nailing aa wooden box to the front, two small pieces of wood to each top side of the box for handles for steering and the two parts from a roller skate attached to the bottom of both ends of the 2×4.. We would race each other for hours until we were called in for dinner or bedtime.

​Another way we entertained ourselves was in the street wars. The Armies were the little kids (6 to 10 years old) against the big kids (11 to 15 years old). During the week wewould collect cardboard from various stores to make armor. We had cut the cardboard to fit whatever part of the body we were protecting, attach the cardboard with rope or string or whatever we had. Our shield was the top of a trash can and our sword a stick. At the agreed time, the little kids’army would set up on one end of the street and the big kid army at the opposite end. There were usually twice as many little kids as big kids. At the give signal we would rush against each other shields held high and swords swinging. The big kids would take prisoners and then the little kids would try to rescue them. Rarely did anyone get badly hurt.

One other way was a game called. “Buck, Buck how many horns are up”. It was a simple game made up of two teams of six members. The lead player of one team would hold on to a fence and each other team player would put their head under the legs of the player in front of them. Then the opposing team players would run and jump on top of the other team and try to get as many of their players on top ofone player on the other team to put as much weight as possible on that player to cause him to collapse. If the player did not collapse the Captain of the team on top would say,” Buch. Buck how many horns are up?” and hold up how many fingers he wanted to hold up. If the other team guessedright, how many horns were up we’d switch places and start all over again.

It’s no wonder no one got a broken back and I’m sure in later years a price was paid with back problems. Oh, for the simple days. Guess what I forgot to tell you how a kid earned money back in 1946. Stay tuned it is coming.

© Robert A Evans