Short Stories, Poems and Life

When Time was on my Side

As a young boy, “Time was on my side”.

Each day had a full twenty-four hours; seconds slowly moved towards their minute mission.

There was time to play, time for fun, to laugh, play Hide and Seek, King of the Mountain, Baseball, and more time to play.

Play was only interrupted by a call to come to eat. I took my baseball glove off long enough to eat a sandwich.

I was convinced I could easily claim the Guinness Book of Records for devouring a sandwich with a minimum number of bites so I could get back to playing.

Energy had no limits. As for sleep, without a care and a clear conscious, as soon as my feet left the floor, I was in a deep sleep as my head hit the pillow.

Dreams were of trips to some exotic land, finding treasures or hitting the winning Home Run in the seventh game of the World Series.

Yes as a young boy “Time was on my side”.

As an old man, twenty-four hours are in a race to get to tomorrow. Seconds rapidly tick off helping their twenty-four hour friend reach its’ goal.

Hide and Seek is now replaced with Search and Find; looking for my keys, eyeglasses, wallet and trying to remember where I left the checkbook.

I no longer had thoughts of claiming the Guinness Book for sandwich consumption with a minimum number of bites.

Now eating a sandwich is a job, one bite then off to the mail box to collect my bills, another bite then go to the freezer to take out my next meal.

As for energy, I wish there was some way I could have bottled it when I was young, so I would have it now when it is so desperately needed.

As for sleep, I toss and turn for hours before I finally fall asleep. Dreams now consist of winning the Lottery so I can pay off my bills or of the good times I had with friends that are no longer on this earth.

Now only memories remind me of when “Time was on my side”.

© Robert A Evans