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The Elf that Made a Difference

Sweet Potato, one of Santa’s elves, was not happy working in Santa’s workshop.

He wanted to do more with his life, he had always dreamed of helping others. So he decided to leave the North Pole and go to college. He did so well with his studies, after he graduated, he went on to medical school.

After finishing medical school, he took a job with a well known pharmaceutical company working in the research lab.

Sweet potato worked hard. He wanted to learn everything he could about his new job.

Then a pandemic hit spreading a horrible virus all over the world making millions of people sick.

Sweet Potato knew he had to do something to help stop this virus.

The next few months, Sweet Potato lived in the lab, working day and night. Then finally all his hard work paid off. He found the vaccine to save lives from the virus.

Sweet Potato needed a break after all the work he had done, so he decided it was time to go back to the North Pole and visit Santa and all the elves.

Santa and the elves were all so extremely proud of Sweet potato. They had a big party to celebrate his big success.

When it was time to leave, Sweet Potato shared with Santa his next challenge will be finding a cure for cancer.

Santa looked at Sweet Potato and told him how proud he was and that Sweet Potato had a heart for others and was a very special elf.

Thank God for those who work hard for others like Sweet Potato, he was an Elf that made a difference.

© Robert A Evans