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To Be A Country Star

To Be a Country Star

I want to sing in bright lights
Give up this Smokey bar
So, I’m headed off to Nashville
To be a Country Star

I’ve heard in Nashville
It’s tough to get the breaks
But I’ll give it my best shot
Do whatever else it takes

I know I have the talent
I know I can go far
So here I come Nashville
To Be a Country Star

I made the rounds in Nashville
I knocked on every door
Don’t call us we’ll call you
I heard many times before

On one audition the Producer
was such a snob He didn’t have
to tell me Son
Don’t quit your day job

I know I have the talent
I know I can go far
But now it’s up to Nashville
To make me a Country Star

I was ready to give up
Thought it wasn’t meant to be
Then I met a man
He wrote a song for me
A song about love gone bad
About a broken heart

It only took a week or two
That baby was climbing the chart
Now all the doors are open
The red carpet is rolled down
And this Country Boy from nowhere
Is the talk of Nashville town

I knew I had the talent
I knew I could go far
Thanks to the folks in Nashville

I’m now a Country Star
Thank you, Nashville,
I’m now a Country Star