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Poem- Why Can’t I Be The One


I listen to your stories about the men that broke your heart

I want so much to hold you when I see those teardrops start

When the stories are all over and the cryin’ is all done

I ask my self this question “Why can’t I be the one”?

Why can’t I be the one who gets to hold you tight?

The one on your mind, morning, noon and night

I know you’ll never see me as more than just a friend

I’ll never be your loved one so why do I pretend?

You’re off chasing Rainbows from dawn to setting sun

And I ask myself this question “Why can’t I be the One”?

You must know how I feel deep down in your heart

You’re always on my mind together or apart

You’re busy finding wrong men

And you think you’re having fun

So, I’ll ask you this question

“Why can’t I be the one”?