Short Stories, Poems and Life

A Dog Named Bud

Happy Friday All! Had a little fun writing about an old dog I once had. Have a wonderful weekend and remember to enjoy it all! – Bob

A Dog Named Bud

I once had a dog his name was Bud I’d still have him, but he turned out a dud

I got him for my problem with rabbits. He turned out worse with all his bad habits

In my garden the rabbits only ate leaves, but Bud ate the entire plant with ease

I bought Bud a comforter to keep him warm, He shredded it, feathers all over my lawn

A beautiful dog he wouldn’t hurt a mouse. Instead, he chewed up every birdhouse

He only ate the wood ones, didn’t touch the tin. There were so many more problems; I don’t know where to begin

I never knew what he was going to do. One day, he ate up a hundred dollar running shoe

It wasn’t plugged in, thank you Lord, As he chewed his way through an extension cord

He then killed my show Pigeon, Bud’s biggest mistake, the one that won five shows, so this was the icing on the cake

I had it with him and told him so. This was the last straw, so he had to go

Threw up my hands, I had to forsake him. My Daughter came to his rescue, said I’ll take him

But Bud ate all in site, so my daughter also gave up the fight

He had to go, but we wanted no harm. So we found him a great home on a big farm

No dogs for me, he made me a believer, but now he has a new friend, a Golden Retriever

From sunup to sundown they romp and they play chasing squirrels and playing in the hay

When they get tired, they lie under a tree, Bud is so happy, on the farm where he needs to be

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