Short Stories, Poems and Life

Daddy’s Little Boy

It all started when I
was just a little kid

I could never please my Daddy
no matter what I did

At the Little League baseball game,
a double brought the winning run

It should have been a Grand Slam, is what Daddy told his son

Then that spelling contest,
I was a big disgrace

Out of 500 entries,
I just took second place

Whatever I accomplished,
however hard I tried

Daddy was disappointed
and never satisfied

Then I joined the Army,
sent to some foreign land

Where I knew one day,
I’d get to make my stand

The enemy was vicious
with their intended harm

I lost my life one morning
to a roadside bomb

A flag covers my casket,
“Taps” are playing loud

And I finally did something,
that made my Daddy proud

© Robert A Evans