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The Christmas Santa Got Lost

Several years ago, one Christmas Eve Santa was lost. The Elves forgot to load his Sleigh Navigation System and it was an exceptionally foggy night that even Rudolph couldn’t see the North Star, so Santa was lost. He knew he was somewhere over Germany or Norway and not over Russia or China, but he didn’t know where he was.

He stared to get nervous as if he didn’t make all his deliveries many good little Boys and Girls would wake up on Christmas morning disappointed to find no presents under their Christmas tree and Santa’s reputation would be hurt.

Santa didn’t know what to do so he prayed “Please God help me I’m lost”. With that a light came down from Heaven shining on Santa’s pocket. He reached in and found his cell phone, called On Star for his location and directions. Then he yelled to the Reindeer to fly faster to make up for lost time.

All went well and all the good little Boys and Girls all around the World woke up Christmas morning to find loads of present under their Christmas tree.

Santa was happy, the Reindeer were happy, Rudolph was happy, the Elves were happy and most of all, the good little Boys and Girls around the World were happy.

This is the end of the story about the Christmas Santa got lost.