Short Stories, Poems and Life

Candy Wrapper

I needed razor blades and a few items for a dish we were making to take to a cookout that night. My wife was in a hurry to get home, she was expecting an important phone call. So we split up in different directions to save some time.

After I found my items, it took me forever to find my wife. After what seemed like forever, I finally found her in electronics. We needed a new printer, since they were on sale, we grabbed one. We headed to the check out line and I grabbed a bag of snickers and put them in the cart.

The store was crowded and the check out lines were very long. I was hungry so I couldn’t help myself and opened the bag of snickers. I unwrapped a bar and preceded to put the wrapper on top of a display next to the check out lane.

The lady behind the cash register looked at me and said “Don’t do that, that’s something a kid would do! Give me that wrapper, I’ll put it in the trash”. Since I was so hungry, I honestly wasn’t thinking! I couldn’t believe I was caught red handed. I was mortified and even worse, the lady compared me to a child.

There was at least a half dozen people in the line in front and behind me, all looking at the man who had been scolded for acting like a kid. I don’t have to tell you I couldn’t get out of Wal-Mart fast enough. Next time I will remember to throw my candy wrapper in the trash.

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